Stop Throwing Away Affiliate Revenue

We help you find broken Amazon links by scanning your website regularly and help increase your commissions.

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Product Features

Out of Stock Links

When your linked products go out of stock, you don't make any money on them.

Incorrect Tag Links

About 5% links have wrong or missing tags. That's just cash you gave away for free!

Broken or 404 Links

Amazon moves products around and your past money making links now fetch you exactly 0.

Low Rating Products​

A 5-star item can become a 2-star item. When you link to them, you lose user's trust.

Meet NotifyOK

We are already helping your fellow site owners around the world identify links with missing or incorrect tags, or with out of stock, 404 or low rating items.

No set up required

This is all cloud-based, so no coding required, no setting up WordPress. Just sign up and start getting that revenue back!
And you don’t have to get your credit card out — we offer a free trial!

Detailed and actionable reporting

You control how often you want to check your links and for which websites. After each scan, we will email you an actionable report of all necessary fixes. You can then either do it yourself or forward it to your VAs.

Increase your earnings

Now all these links which weren't making any money earlier, will get back to working for you again and increase your earnings! And all it takes is two minutes to register.