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Identify Amazon affiliate links that are: broken, missing or incorrect tags, out of stock (oos), unavailable, 404 or have a low rating.

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Using this tool, automatically have your Amazon affiliate website scanned daily and get report of missing or incorrect affiliate tags, product pages that are unavailable, out of stock, or have low ratings.

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How would NotifyOk help increase your revenue?

Most websites have about 15% affiliate links that have some issue which cause loss of revenue. Most of these issues pertain to, but are not limited to:
1. Affiliate links without tags or with incorrect tags: Often when you buy an affiliate website, either there was an error in moving and we notice that a few links keep pointing to the previous owner. Also, many times, the links don't have a tag or there was spelling mistake in the tag due to a human error.
2. Amazon pages with 404 error, meaning that the product page has been moved: Amazon keeps redesigning its website and would move product pages every now and then. This results in pages becoming 404. This is also a bad experience for your users and they might abandon your website.
3. Items that are out of stock (oos) and can't be bought anymore: If the product is not available, your users would google for the product and directly land there, and you lose the opportunity to make money on the purchase.
4. Items whose ratings have dropped now: This is the worst of all. Over time, product quality changes and so do their ratings. What was once a 5 star item, is now a 2 star item. When you recommend such an item, your users think your website is a scam.

While these issues seem trivia, they are more common than you think. And all of that is easy money, you really don't have to do much except for fixing these links.

When you sign up for NotifyOk, we scan your website and let you know as soon as we find there is any issue with your affiliate links. All it takes is 5 mins to set up, and then you can sit back and get back your lost money!