Find Low Rating Amazon Affiliate Links On Your Site

All Amazon or e-commerce affiliate website owners know that once your site starts scaling up and you start generating a lot of content, it’s a headache to make sure that every single one of your Amazon affiliate link works properly. In fact, the reality is that they don’t and you often come to address this as the way of doing business.

Over time, the links on your website which used to point to 5-star products now point to things that are 1 or 2-star product — either because the product quality dropped or a new merchant came in with poor reviews. Think about it for a moment!

On your end, you have already put all the hard work of researching the niche, creating the valuable content and marketing your Amazon affiliate website. The user, when finally convinced that they want to buy the product being recommended by you, clicks the affiliate link. Instead of the landing on the product, seeing blazing 5 star reviews, and happily buying the product and providing you the well-deserved commission, they now see a poorly rated product, recommended by YOU. Frustrated, they leave your website, thinking you are a scammer, trying to sell poor stuff.

This happens more often than you imagine it to. If only, there was a tool that would let you know about such links — then you can quickly fix such links and get a 10-15% bump in your revenue, and more importantly not lose your reputation.

Well, worry not, friends. With, you can now register your website in 2 mins, and start getting reports of affiliate links to items with a poor rating. We will help you keep track of such things so that you don’t lose the money. This is all cloud-based, so no coding required, no setting up WordPress. Just sign up and start getting that revenue back! And you don’t have to get your credit card out to try this out — we offer a free trial.

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